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Welcome to our gallery of customers projects. These pictures have all come from customers who have kindly submitted finished pictures of some of their projects. If you would be interested in sending us a picture of your project we will gladly post it.

This gorgeous looking garden entrance was created using our Ledge stone rock veneer set item number 6034 and the patio stones were done using our Patio paver set item number 2026

And this awesome looking patio was done using our cobble stone molds 5x5 and 5x8 item numbers 2019 and 2023

This decorative looking side walk was done using our cobble stone molds 5x5 and 5x8 item numbers 2019 and 2023

Our 2008 Circle paver patio mold was used to create this design

In this picture they used our 2008 Circle paver mold and 2013 brick design mold

This is another picture using the 2008 Circle paver mold

This picture shows 2008 Circle paver along with 2013 brick design mold

All of Moldcreations molds can be used with concrete, cement, plaster soap or resin.

Be sure to read through Moldcreations mold instructions page located in the left column to see how easy it is to use Moldcreations molds to create beautiful looking ornamental pieces for your home or garden. Every order also comes with a copy of the Moldcreations mold instructions.

Also view Moldcreations recipes page for some different materials to use in Moldcreations concrete, plaster and soap molds. Or use your own mix to create your pieces, premix is also another great choice.

Moldcreations frequently asked questions page should answer most questions that you might have about using Moldcreations molds. You will find questions from pouring products into Moldcreations molds to some of Moldcreations paint techniques and how the pieces are finished.

Checkout Moldcreations customer gallery page to see finished projects that our customers have completed using Moldcreations molds. If you would like to have your project added to our customer gallery page please email pictures of your finished projects.