Concrete Plaster Soap Molds
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Shop a huge selection of Concrete, Plaster and Soap Molds for sale to make your own Stepping Stones, plaques or soaps.
Proudly offering Easy to use reusable molds all MADE in USA in the state of KANSAS for over 20years!!!

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Concrete Plaster Soap Molds

Moldcreations offers a huge selection of easy to use reusable molds for sale. You can use a variety of different materials in our molds like concrete, cement, plaster, soap, resin and some forms of clay's and ceramic. With such a huge selection of ornamental concrete molds we are able to provide you with a mold for just about every use from melt n pour soap molds to creating a decorative concrete stepping stone for the garden or plaster wall plaque. Since our molds are easy to use and reusable they are great for DIY projects or business. Make your own soap, tile, rock facing, retaining wall, stepping stone, paver and ornamental pieces such as fire pits, birdbaths, columns, bench's and plaster plaques, with our molds for pennies of what these items would cost you retail. Use our colorants and paints to create your own unique look with our concrete molds. Many of our concrete molds work great for fund raiser's for clubs or school organizations. Mascot, pet, sports or a monogrammed mold are all great molds to help raise money for your event. All our molds are designed with you the customer in mind to help you improve your patio and garden area. Or maybe your looking at starting up a business, we carry a large enough selection of reusable soap, plaster and concrete molds to get you started. Please be sure to check our recipes page for some helpful ideas to try in our concrete molds. See our basic instructions page to see just how easy it is to use your plaster, soap or concrete mold.