Textured Face Retaining Wall Block Concrete Mold Set 3001

Retaining Wall Block Concrete Mold 3001

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Retaining wall block concrete mold measures 7 1/4 inches and 11 inches across, height is 3 3/4 inches. This is a great concrete mold to use for making borders around landscapes and garden areas. Use to build retaining walls around your home to add a decorative look. This concrete mold set has a raised lip on the back of the block to allow for a staggered look when stacking them. Be sure to check out our colorants to use when pouring the molds to add different colors to your design.

This purchase is for 2 block concrete molds

These concrete molds are actually one of our more popular mold sets. We have allot of customers that absolutely love these and then there are some that do not like them so much. They really are a great mold but there are a few tricks that might help you to use these a little better. The retaining wall block molds with the split face detail are more difficult to get out of the molds. The split rock has to have some undercuts in it to be able to look as chiseled rock. We do make these molds out of our softer plastic which does allow the mold to have some give to it when removing from the mold. The type of concrete mix one uses can make a difference as some mixes have more shrinkage than others. We do not recommend any specific brand to use as there are so many different brands available all over the united states. And with different climates and weather conditions the mixes will handle differently. Experimenting with different mixes can make a difference.

We have some customers that prefer building a simple jig around the molds made of two by fours, this helps hold the sides in some so that when it is time to remove the pieces from the molds it does make it a little easier as the sides do not have as much pressure on them from the concrete. This is really an excellent idea since we use a softer plastic on these molds it gives them more support and does not allow any bulging in the sides from the weight of the concrete mix. Below is a sample of a jig.

You can also try turning the blocks over shaking the brick down some, then turning back over and pouring water down into the mold this will work as a
pushing agent when you turn the molds back over it will help to push out the block.

We have some customers that prefer to cut down the back sides of the mold, use duck tape to tape up the two seams, set the molds in a wood frame jig, pour in the molds and once the
mix is set up then they slide the molds out of the jig and remove the tape, slide the block out and retape the mold, sit it back in the jig and are ready to go again. This is a very easy way to use the molds with no

Our molds are easy to use, reusable and can be used with concrete, cement, plaster, resin or soap. We do send out basic instructions with all our mold orders.

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